Things to Do on Anzac Day in Australia

If you are not from Australia or New Zealand, then Anzac Day might confuse you. This special holiday is celebrated by Australians and New Zealanders to commemorate the bravery of soldiers who fought in WW1. Anzac Day is annually celebrated on April 25, the day soldiers from Australia and New Zealand landed on Gallipoli. The troops lost the historical battle, but their remarkable bravery is celebrated to this day. The modern day Anzac celebrates all Australian soldiers who have died all wars, peacekeeping operations, or other conflicts.

On Anzac Day, the Australian military holds a traditional Dawn Service to remember the solider of wars long past. The cherished Dawn Service is based on an old military tradition known as stand-to, which refers to twilight and dawn when the enemy soldiers would take advantage of the limited light conditions and attack. On Anzac Day, commemorators spend dawn in silence to show respect. Modern Dawn Service ceremonies may also include hymn readings and rifle salutes.

Though the day is in remembrance of a somber event, Anzac Day is also widely celebrated Down Under. It’s a time for remembrance not only with silent prayer, but also with food and sport. It’s a holiday so people tend to let loose. If you are a tourist in Australia on Anzac Day, here are several things you can enjoy:

Attend a Dawn Service

There are commemorative events held throughout the country on the day, especially in the big cities. There will be major events to attend in Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth, and Brisbane. The grandest Dawn Service is held at the Australian War Memorial, which holds the national ceremony. There will be parades and gunfire breakfasts. The event at the War Memorial is typically packed, but you can enjoy small-scale events in smaller cities. Nearly all modern ceremonies include marvelous activities like parades, singing, and gunfire salutes.

Go to an Anzac Day Football Game

Anzac Day is not limited to remembrance. Some of the biggest events of the day are football games. It may sound peculiar, but the Anzac soldiers of the old loved playing football. So it’s also another form of remembrance to do play a game the solider would have been delighted to attend. There are many major Anzac Day football events tourist can attend, so don’t forget to book AFL Tickets as early as possible.

Indulge in Holiday Food

Anzac Day is also a major time for foodies who love baking. The day has its own delicacy, known as Anzac biscuits. During WWI, families of the soldiers fighting in the war sent them care packages. The main item included was a biscuit made from flour, oats, coconut, and a golden syrup. It was so made to survive the long and arduous journey. Today, the recipe still makes famous Anzac biscuits, which will be available everywhere on the holiday. You can try either homemade or grocery store versions. Aussies also bake many other delicacies during the day, so keep an eye on food festivals.

If you are in Australia on this very special holiday, don’t forget to experience the things mentioned above.

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